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Prayer times in 100 cities worldwide

Have you ever been on a road trip and needed to know what the prayer times were for the city you're visiting? Well sure you can search for a local timetable or download one from the web but what if you can check the times easily from the convenience of your phone. Take mAthan with you wherever you go and find out the prayer times in major cities. But that's not all, with mAthan you can also listen to the Athan five times a day including a special Athan for Fajr.

To find out the prayer times, simply go to the Options tab. Select the location you want, select the daylight savings setting for the location you chose and mAthan calculates the prayer times for you. It's that simple! You can also choose to keep the Athan or turn it off if for example you're in a meeting.

With over 100 cities WorldWide to choose from mAthan is a great tool for determining the prayer times whether you're at home or on the road. Best of all it's free! So download it now and enjoy the great benefits.

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